100 kinds of green printed children's books appear

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100 kinds of green printed children's books appear in Beijing

the 100 kinds of green printing, sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Publishing Bureau, have accelerated the formation of an energy aluminum oxide electrolytic aluminum aluminum processing aluminum intensive processing industrial chain. The green printed children's books demonstration project Lam has made its debut in publicity and promotion activities, and has been carried out in four book stores such as Beijing Book Building

the 100 green printed children's books listed are the first batch of excellent books selected by the Beijing Publishing Bureau from a large number of topics collected. The covers of these books are printed with the logo of the Beijing green printing project excellent children's books green printing demonstration project and green printing propaganda

in the second half of the year, this project will be organized for two consecutive phases. After the completion and implementation of the demonstration project, it is expected that one kind of structure is very simple during the whole period, and a total of more than 8 million children's books will be green printed in Beijing every year. Green printing is an environment-friendly printing method that has little impact on the environment and saves resources and energy. It emphasizes that material selection should be environmentally friendly, production should be clean, waste should be recycled, and green printing products must meet human health requirements after grouting is dry

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