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Comments on the ten day data of the glass industry: the price of float glass is gradually stable, and the inventory pressure is high

the price change range in the monitoring area is small and basically stable. According to China Glass information data, experts in the float industry nationwide also gave several keynote speeches on the development and future of high-performance materials in early August. The price of glass has stabilized, but the inventory is still increasing, and the pressure to destock in the future is not small. According to our monitoring area, the falling areas are 2: Shanghai (-0.48 yuan/weight box, -0.6%), Guangzhou (-0.42 yuan/weight box, -0.5%); The rising regions are: 6: Beijing (+0.65 yuan/weight box, +0.71%), Xi'an (+0.07 yuan/weight box, +0.09%), Qinhuangdao (+0.08 yuan/weight box, +0.07%), Chengdu (+0.05 yuan/weight box, +0.06%), Wuhan (+0.22 yuan/weight box, +0.27%), Shenyang (+0.02 yuan/weight box, +0.02%); Henan E. automatic optimization autoscale of graph curve scale (data not published)

compared with the decline of more than 3% in East and North China in the first ten days, the price in this ten days is relatively stable, and the price changes in various regions are small, with the amplitude between (-0.6%, +0.72%). On the 9th of this month, glass enterprises in East China held a price coordination meeting to some extent. It is hoped that with the peak season approaching, the downward trend will be reversed, and major enterprises have reached a consensus to limit production and raise prices. They want to increase the output of ordinary float glass by 2 yuan/weight box. At present, the output of East China market is also better than that of the first ten days. The sustainability of price rise mainly depends on the intensity of production restriction and the cooperation between enterprises; The demand in Northeast China is relatively strong, but there is no room for price rise due to the continuous entry of glass from the outer ports of Shahe in North China, run'an and Aoge in Qinhuangdao; Prices in southwest, central and Northwest China have not changed much, and demand is flat; The recent price in South China is relatively stable, and the mainstream price is mainly stable, and the manufacturers have no obvious adjustment changes. At present, the high price of 78 yuan/heavy box and the low price of 68 yuan/heavy box are still waiting for the opportunity of consolidation; A new line will be ignited in Shahe area of Hebei Province in North China

the inventory of float glass continues to reach a new high, and the pressure to destock in the future is still large. In the first ten days of August, the total inventory of 253 float glass production lines across the country continues to rise, with an increase of 1.82 million weight boxes from late July, reaching a high level of 25.61 million weight boxes, with a month on month increase of 7.65%. The inventory hit a new high in the year, but the growth rate fell by about 2 percentage points. The current high inventory level will restrict the rise of prices, and then the pressure of de inventory is not small. Collaborative production restriction by enterprises in the region will be a good way to increase prices and reduce inventory

the price of soda ash was relatively stable in the first ten days of August. According to the data of China's chemical products, the price of heavy soda ash of Shandong Haihua Chemical Co., Ltd. was maintained at 2300 yuan/ton on August 10; The ex factory price of Hubei Shuanghuan is 2100 yuan/ton, and that of Tangshan Sanyou remains 2300 yuan/ton. The heavy soda ash of Tangshan Sanyou has surged above 2325 yuan/ton in this ten days, and then fell back to 2300 yuan/ton. Recently, the price of heavy soda ash is relatively stable, with little change compared with the previous ten days

maintain the "neutral" rating of the industry

the glass manufacturing index fell -4.43% this ten days, and the Shanghai Shenzhen 300 fell -4.98%, slightly outperforming the market. The price in this ten day period basically tends to be stable, with little change. The overall demand has not been released on a large scale. At present, the inventory level is rising, and there is still great pressure to destock in the future. The pattern of the glass industry will not be significantly improved in the short term, and the "neutral" rating of the industry will be maintained. Generally speaking, the demand for glass in the second half of the year will be better than that in the first half of the year. We will continue to pay attention to the changes in demand and supply. It is suggested to pay attention to the leading enterprises in the glass industry and those with advantages in glass deep processing, and we still recommend to focus on CSG A and Jinjing technology

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