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Changshu polyester filament market one week market review (02..03)

from Changshu polyester market, it was learned that this week, the polyester market was in shock adjustment. Except for some fine denier silk, the price trend increased slightly, while FDY coarse denier silk sales were light, and the price trend remained stable for the time being. At present, the market trend in the polyester market tends to be stable, and the trading volume remains at a medium level. It is understood that at present, the production and sales rate of chemical fiber manufacturers is between%, and individual factories have good sales flexibility, which can slightly exceed 100%

judging from the trend of market varieties, the sales volume of fdy75d/36f dayouguang is insufficient in the market. At present, the mainstream price of fdy75d/36f dayouguang in the market center is yuan/t, and the lower price is 16800 yuan/t. For example, there is still a certain amount of DTY silk 150D produced by Taicang, which mainly produces downstream printing grey cloth, and the requirements for product texture are slightly lowered to reduce production costs. On the contrary, the overall market of high-quality silk with color wrapping is general; At present, there is still demand in the downstream of dty150d/288f, which is mainly used to produce coral velvet fabrics. Fdy50d and dty75d (heavily developed countries have invested heavily to start brain Program Research) are still in demand in warp knitting. Among them, the price of fdy50d is between yuan/t. In addition to the production of conventional circular flannelette and fluorescent cloth, the products have recently produced conventional cotton like flannelette. Recently, the sales volume of polyester polyester composite yarn in this market has rebounded slightly. Among them, the dynamic sales of (50+50) polyester composite yarn is large, which is mainly used for the production of crystal velvet and other fabrics on large circular machines. At the same time, the silk price trend has increased slightly. In addition, CVC polyester cotton yarn 8 is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products. 0/20 45s requires the hardness and other requirements of dental materials to be amplified on the circular machine, and the yarn price trend is relatively stable. The products are mainly used for "velvet" fabrics

from the perspective of downstream weaving, although the polyester inventory of spinning factories is high at present, the startup rate of downstream warp knitting and circular machine weaving has increased steadily, the downstream consumption of polyester raw materials has gradually increased, and the cost support of polyester raw materials is strong. Therefore, some market analysts believe that the probability of stable adjustment of polyester market next week is high, but it does not rule out that some polyester products have the intention of raising prices on the loss side

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