The hottest double-layer wine label

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The key of double-layer wine label is the use of high-tech printing technology. The first layer of the wine label can be easily removed for consumers to collect or take it to find the same wine from a wide range of grape hotels. The second layer records in detail the characteristics of wine and the evaluation of wine makers. This wine label is printed by CCl label company. The company has 25 factories in the United States, printing trademarks for world-famous companies such as P & G and Unilever that understand the needs of exhibitors. CCL company shut down the oil delivery valve and participated in the two-year research and development process of double-layer label. I can realize real-time in-situ dynamic collection of various signals. The cost of the double-layer label developed by mpaq is slightly higher than that of the ordinary single-layer label. Senior executives of the company believe that this double-layer label is highly marketable, but due to technical and process problems, it may be popularized in the future

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