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Double glass water and air conditioning make German glass buildings more energy-saving

building large-area use of glass curtain walls will consume more energy. However, the German Federal post building has achieved the goal of saving 25% to 30% energy in glass buildings compared with ordinary buildings by using double-layer glass and water air conditioning

the German Federal post building is a very modern and magnificent glass building, located on the Bank of the Rhine River, with a height of 162.5 meters. Officials of the federal Post said that at the beginning of the planning, it was envisaged that the building should save at least 25% energy than ordinary commercial buildings, so two energy-saving measures, double-layer glass curtain wall and water air conditioning, were adopted. Germany is not too hot in summer, but it is very cold in winter, so the outer walls of the whole building are all made of double-layer glass, which can make good use of light energy to illuminate the indoor office environment during the day. Reflective shutters are installed between the double-layer glass, which can completely resist strong sunlight in the hottest summer. Due to the cold winter, heating equipment is a very important facility. Taking advantage of the geographical advantage of Anqing near the Rhine River in underdeveloped areas, the postal building draws water from the river to make water air conditioners to heat or cool the building

these two energy-saving measures should also meet the effect of comfortable use, and can save up to 30% energy for the postal building every year. In addition, the outer glass curtain wall facing the north of the building has small openings near the floor to facilitate air circulation; The outer glass facing south is stepped, allowing more air to circulate faster

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