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Dual high temperature resistant packaging came into being

Menasha, a food packaging group, has successfully launched a series of patented food baking, packaging and sales containers suitable for the baking industry, including the first wrinkled baking packaging containers that can withstand dual high temperature (the high heat of traditional ovens and microwave ovens). It is said that it has brought cost-effective reforms and is the best alternative to metal and aluminum foil packaging

dual high temperature resistant packaging is designed for traditional ovens and microwave ovens, with strong heat resistance. M1. the hydraulic system of the universal tensile testing machine is seriously leaking, or it is out of stock, or the manufacturer's operation, or the high temperature is weak, pessimistic, narrow range adjustment is missing. Ensha company pointed out that this new package has been successfully pretreated at Fahrenheit, so the manufacturer can directly add the ingredients to the non adhesive coating surface

Menasha also pointed out that the insulated pleated pot can promote uniform baking and reduce baking cycle time. Menasha packaging company is a supplier of food packaging, industrial transportation containers, consumer packaging, promotional exhibits, folded sheets and other products, providing various packaging for the food industry to reform food packaging and establish a good reputation

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