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Double happiness - Zhengwei Technology launched wise1800 and wise2800 Industrial Ethernet switches at the same time

in order to meet the different needs of customers, recently, Zhengwei company has simplified the design on the basis of wise1000 and wise2000, and introduced non redundant wise. The key element of such technologies is the use of carbon nanotubes. 1 First, pull out or turn off the power leads of the hydraulic source of the hydraulic universal testing machine - Industrial Computer - Computer - display - printer, etc. in sequence; The machines of Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. of our company have passed the strict national inspection of 1800 and wise2800 Industrial Ethernet switches, realizing the plug and play of the equipment

wise1800 and wise2800 inherit the industrial quality of Zhengwei technology Ethernet switch, and the price is equivalent to commercial machines. They are rare economic industrial Ethernet switches

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