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Erzhong successfully poured the ingots of hydrogenation reactor

recently, Erzhong Group has successfully smelted and poured two Yangzi Petrochemical hydrogenation reactor ingots

Yangzi Petrochemical double super large hydrogenation reactor series products use steel materials, and strive to break through a batch of key new materials. The requirements for chemical composition are extremely strict, and the inspection requirements for nondestructive testing and mechanical properties are high. The molten steel must be thoroughly dephosphorized, desulfurized, degassed, and removed inclusions, and the chemical composition must be strictly controlled to improve the purity. 5. In the elastic range, most materials obey Hooke's law. At the same time, because the product is of super large diameter, let's talk about 1. What are the factors of the performance characteristics and quality of the downforce testing machine? The pressure vessel with super thick wall and super heavy weight is the steel ingot of hydrogenation pressure vessel with the most difficulty and the largest ingot type for Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. which is currently smelting in China. After all, it is a professional manufacturer of experimental machines. Erzhong Group attaches great importance to this, and uses scientific methods to carefully prepare, operate, smelt and pour, ensuring that the whole process of smelting and pouring is in a good controlled state

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