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"Lianchuang future" 2017 Yilian Partner Conference

work together to set sail and sail thousands of miles through the wind and waves. From August 11 to 12, 2017 Yilian Partner Conference was held in Haiyue villa, Xiamen. The theme of this conference is Lianchuang future. Yilian joined hands with important partners in China to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the audio and video communication market, current progress and planning, future development and vision

Yilu joins hands to create the future

at this partner conference, Yilian invites partners in China to review the past and look forward to the future. Mr. chenzhisong, general manager of Yilian, first welcomed all partners on behalf of the company and delivered a stable and reliable opening speech. President Chen said that from the past experience of IP phones, it is far from enough for Chinese brands to be consistent with foreign brands in the international market. Only by doing better, or even much better, can they be widely recognized. Therefore, Yilian products constantly challenge themselves with higher quality standards and requirements. The market cannot be built in a day. In the field of communication, only by continuously increasing investment can we keep pace with the times and even lead the development of the industry

Yilian attaches great importance to the persistence and determination of long-term goals, President Chen said, so we also hope partners to plan for medium and long-term investment, do a good job in their own technology and customer service, and achieve greater success with Yilian

Mr. chenzhisong, general manager of Yilian

Mr. Wang Weiting, deputy general manager of Yilian sales, introduced the overall business development and planning to our partners. Our goal to enter a certain market segment is to become a leader in this industry, and video conferencing is no exception

president Wang showed the videos and greetings specially prepared for this conference by Microsoft, a global strategic partner, Verizon, an important U.S. operator, and lydis, an agent of hebilu platinum. 888voip, an agent of U.S. platinum, shared the essential reasons why these internationally renowned partners chose to work closely with elion insurance for a long time, accurate control of the market and strong technical strength

Yilian boutique extreme video

Mr. Liao Yun, deputy general manager of Yilian at this conference, also brought us the hot news of Yilian's new generation product planning and various R & D of China black technology, which caused bursts of applause in the venue. Yilian's ultimate pursuit of products is the secret of our success. President Liao firmly said that we have always adhered to the concept of making excellent products and polished our products with requirements far higher than the industry standards that we hope to help you. Product quality is our unremitting pursuit. It is this insistence that has enabled Yilian to achieve a development speed far higher than the industry average in the IP field and reach the current global top 2 market position

a partner said after the meeting that President Liao's sharing today showed me the strength and ambition of Yilian, and even many technologies unprecedented in similar products are being developed, which makes me more confident, because this is the foundation that a technology company should have

another dry product comes from Mr. Cui Kai, a senior analyst at IDC. He analyzed the current prospects of the video conference industry in simple terms. The enterprise video conference market still has great development potential, and more small and medium-sized enterprises will use high-quality video conference products

Mr. Cui Kai, senior analyst of IDC

partners share success

a group of excellent partners also emerged in this agent conference, and Yilian also invited them to share their successful experience

the new president of Lanfu Yuanlan of Chengdu world wide view introduced how they worked with Yilian's technical team to overcome difficulties and win the world's first YMS project; Yuan Mingshuai of Nanjing juntu introduced how they used Yilian's high-quality products to win key government and enterprise projects; Yi Congsheng and Yi General of Shenzhen Yunchang shared their experience of contact with Yilian and mutual trust and cooperation; The head of Shulin department, the excellent agent of Yilian, shared how they chose to cooperate with Yilian in depth under the condition of having reached cooperation with well-known friends in the industry. His strategy is to take video conferencing as the core and Yilian products as the core. It won a burst of applause in the venue

Yilian partners share

at the dinner after the conference, Mr. Lu Rongfu, deputy general manager of Yilian, also shared the successful experience of 888voip, an American partner. We began to cooperate with 888voip in the United States in 10 years. At first, there were only a few people in their company, but because of the continuous cooperation with us, it has developed rapidly. Up to now, it has expanded the public venue for 3 times, This year, they are expected to purchase more than 100million yuan of products from Yilian. President Lu concluded that willingness to invest, professional ability and active cooperation are the most critical factors for their success

group photo of agent conference

the short two-day conference has enabled partners to have an in-depth understanding and understanding of Yilian, and have a clearer understanding and more confidence in the future planning of Yilian! A partner from Shanghai said that

Yilian company has strength, good products, good channel policies, and has a bright future

about Yilian

Yilian (Stock Code: 300628), founded in 2001, is the world's leading provider of unified communication solutions, mainly engaged in video conferencing and language. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. professional technical support welcomes information audio communication solutions, adheres to independent R & D and innovation, and is committed to making communication simpler and more efficient. Yilian provides high-quality network communication products such as audio, video and collaboration in more than 100 countries around the world to help users improve office efficiency and competitiveness. The market share of Yilian SIP Phone is the first in China and the second in the world

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