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Editor's note: lithography has always been a very important printing technology in the United States. An important feature of the new lithography machine is that the degree of automation has been improved, and it also has the function of direct imaging. A significant development trend of the new lithography machine is the use of color management technology

according to the estimate of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the total value of commercial printed matter produced in the United States every year is $74.8 billion, of which the total value of printed matter produced by offset lithography technology is $58.4 billion, accounting for 75%, indicating that most printed matter in the United States is still produced by offset lithography technology. At present, sheet fed lithography machine manufacturers are designing and manufacturing new equipment to meet the needs of the printing machine market, and large lithography machines have become popular products

I. high automation of printing machines

a survey report entitled "the current situation and future of the American printing machine market" published by the American Association of printing and publishing technology suppliers shows that most customers who buy new printing machines place the function of automatic printing operations in a very important position

important printing machine manufacturers are working hard to improve the performance of printing machines, and take automatic printing as the basic production standard to meet the needs of our customers. Features of the latest printing machine: automatic alignment control, drum pressure and side gauge eye movement adjustment, automatic and semi-automatic plate loading, automatic cleaning of blanket drum and embossing drum, and full integration of Yicai control panel. This enables printers to reduce the preparation time for machine adjustment to less than minutes

the adjustment preparation time of the sheet fed offset press is short, and 15000 sheets can be printed per hour. Therefore, the production efficiency of this printing machine is very high: an example of an innovative attempt in the automatic printing operation of the printing machine is the cpc32 prepress processing interface device launched by Heidelberg company: this device can automatically preset the ink keys according to the data provided by the prepress rip, and there is no need to scan and trace the printing plate

in addition, the CP 2000 color contact screen display (running under the WindowsNT environment) launched by Heidelberg can dynamically adjust and control the printing machine in high-speed printing production (including changing the alignment position and ink supply): CP2000 can store the production data of 250 live parts in its standard memory, so as to carry out the repetitive production of live parts. The automation of small printing machines is also improving. As the monochrome copier type printing machine is constantly replaced by the digital copy/print dual-purpose machine, many printing machine manufacturers are working hard to develop a small-scale printing machine with high automation in Duoyi. For example, according to Liangming company of Japan, the adjustment preparation time of 3304ha4 color A3 standard printing machine newly developed by Liangming company is only 6 minutes, and this kind of printing machine has the function of automatic version installation proposed by the National Bureau of building materials industry, And it is equipped with an offline computer direct plate making device that can make plates

another example is CK company, which has long produced monochrome printing machines. CK company has developed two century3500 printing units and A3 printing machines with the characteristics of large printing machines announced by American researchers a few days ago. Like Liangming company and CK company, more small printing machine manufacturers will continue to improve the automation of their products and increase the number of printing units

second, the printing machine is super large.

the traditional color code control method is likely to be eliminated for the use of the largest sheet fed paper in history. The use of color management technology in the operation of sheet fed printing machine will have a profound impact on the sheet fed lithography production. In the traditional operation scheme of proofing by comparing the proofs, the proofs are regarded as the standard, and the thickness of the ink layer is adjusted by the highly skilled printer operator on the printer to achieve the same printing effect. Using colorsync color management workflow, the lithographic press will automatically adjust and calibrate the relevant data according to the pre-determined color configuration file. Fewer and fewer users use the sample comparison workflow, which will eventually eliminate the analog proofing scheme. Digital proofing, because of the use of a printing machine with accurate calibration, can carry out proofing with stable quality within an appropriate tolerance range, which will pave the way for the promotion and application of computer direct plate making technology

III. promotion and application of CIP 3 technology

cip 3 Technology (prepress, printing and post press operations are integrated) will sooner or later have an impact on the sheet fed printing market. CIP 3 technology is characterized by inputting the live part parameters into the digital prepress processing file through CIP3 printing production format (PPF), which integrates prepress, printing and post press operations. For example, the pre press processing live part preparation file will store the data of sheet size, ink supply, folding and finishing processing. With the live parts passing through the CIP 3 workflow, the machine and equipment compatible with the PPF operation format will automatically adjust and set according to the data stored in the PPF live parts file. According to the survey, many manufacturers of pre press processing equipment, printing equipment and post press processing equipment have agreed to adopt the PPF standard. However, customers who buy new printing machines seldom consider whether the printing machine has CIP3 technology function. Most customers plan to completely replace all production equipment, so CIP 3 technology and equipment will slowly have an impact. However, in the next decade, the automatic printing process using CIP 3 standard will certainly be more and more popularized and applied

III. full of prospects

from the perspective of development trend, sheet fed lithography technology is developing in different directions, facing printers with different production scales and product markets. One of the main development directions is to improve the degree of automation and shorten the preparation time for commissioning. Printing machines with a high degree of automation are easy to operate, but the requirements for operating skills are reduced. The new material industry will meet the historical development opportunity. In fact, it has direct 2 Test object data of safety rope static load tensile testing machine: the latest offset press that provides users with the imaging function of setting all test object data has reduced the training requirements of printing machine operation to a minimum. As employers continue to face the shortage of skilled printing workers, this kind of printing machine is still promising from the perspective of human resources. Color management technology will be more and more used in digital prepress processing

we will also see that more and more printing enterprises make samples according to the characteristics of printing machines, rather than rigidly insisting that printing machines meet the technical indicators of samples. There is no doubt that in the next five years, the lithographic press will not be able to compare with the digital press in the short version color printing market, especially in variable printing, but in the use of various substrates, coating materials and field spot colors, the lithographic press will have greater flexibility than the digital press. According to the interest orientation, the lithography press has a lot of room for development. In general, lithographic offset press will still be the most economically valuable graphic transfer equipment in the printing industry after we enter the 21st century

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