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Annual review of new energy vehicles in 2018: the new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly. Pay attention to the overall situation of leading enterprises in the upstream of the industrial chain:

the output of new energy vehicles in China in 2018 was 1.27 million, an increase of 59.9% over the same period last year; The sales volume was 1.256 million, with a year-on-year increase of 61.7%. The production and sales growth of pure electric vehicles is the main driving force of new energy vehicles. Driven by the rapid growth of production and sales of new energy vehicles, the power battery and cathode material industry grew rapidly in 2018

industry event comments:

1: the subsidy policy of the new proprietary unique controller as the core of the control system in the energy vehicle industry has declined: the subsidy for new energy passenger cars and new energy passenger cars has declined by 30%, and the subsidy for source trucks and special vehicles with national technology centers has declined by 60%. The industry will usher in a major reshuffle and phase out inferior enterprises. After the end of the subsidy transition period, the national subsidy new deal has significantly tilted towards new energy passenger vehicles with long endurance mileage

2: Tesla factory construction: Tesla Shanghai Super factory "Dreadnought" project is determined, and the localization process is accelerating. The construction of super factories in China is not only an important layout for Tesla to expand overseas production capacity, but also will greatly stimulate the development of the domestic new energy vehicle industry. In addition to the declining subsidy policy of China's new energy vehicles, plastic news: renewable plastic granulators have broad development space in China, and the localization of Tesla will have a certain impact on China's existing market pattern of new energy vehicles

3: Waterma is heavily in debt, shutdown and self-help: in June 2018, Waterma announced that all employees of Shenzhen Waterma will have a holiday of 6 months due to financial difficulties. Competitors change from time to time, and Waterma's complacency is the root cause of the crisis

investment and financing field:

1: overall situation: a total of 66 investment and financing cases occurred in new energy vehicle related industries in 2018, which was basically the same as last year's 67 cases, and the maximum financing amount reached 5billion yuan. The investment and financing situation is still hot. Investment and financing projects are still concentrated on early projects, but the financing trend is obviously moving backward, and the maturity of the industry continues to improve

2: subdivisions: the number of upstream projects decreases, downstream projects increase, new car manufacturing remains hot, autonomous driving has become a new hot spot for investment

Development Trend Outlook:

1: industrial pattern: 180 d=5a policy guidance plus Tesla's entry to promote the constant strength pattern of the strong in the industrial chain to form

2: battery supply: the subsidy threshold for new energy vehicles continues to rise, and the energy density requirements of power batteries continue to improve, High nickel cathode becomes the focus of development

3: supporting facilities: the popularity of supporting public facilities continues to improve, and the prospect of the charging pile industry is improving

4: industry expansion direction: compared with traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles have more advantages in the direction of intelligence, and the development direction of new energy vehicles will change from electrification to intelligence in the future

focus on the target: beiteri (), Fangyuan environmental protection ()

risk tips: the risk of price war and the decline of subsidies exceed expectations

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