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"Double sided glass photovoltaic module" will be born in Trinasolar, Japan.

Trinasolar, a Japanese legal person of Trinasolar, a large solar panel manufacturer, will be listed in Japan in August 2014. The polysilicon solar panel "tsm-pdg5" with double-sided glass structure will be used. Its feature is that the back of the battery board uses glass and a "frameless" structure without a metal frame. Size 1685 × nine hundred and ninety-seven × 6mm, weight 24kg, nominal maximum output power 245 ~ 260W. The product is guaranteed for 10 years, and the linear performance is guaranteed for 30 years (the output power will be reduced by 0.5% every year in 30 years, because it does not meet the standard requirements at present)

the back of ordinary solar panels generally adopts resin backplane, while "tsm-pdg5" uses thickness 2. Reduce the cost of mechanical operation and maintenance to ensure the safe production of 5mm fire-resistant glass. It is a double-sided glass structure that clamps the solar cell unit (power generation element) with the glass on the front and the glass on the back of the battery panel. The resin backplane usually has a fire resistance of 200 ℃, and the battery panel has a better fire resistance because it uses high fire-resistant glass that can withstand a high temperature of about 1000 ℃, and the load cannot rise any more

in addition, the glass surface is also coated with sand, acid and alkali, so it can also be used in areas with salt damage. It is said that, unlike the resin backing plate, the glass will not pass through moisture and water vapor, so there is no risk of deterioration caused by film peeling. In addition, due to the double-layer glass structure, the maximum deformation caused by impact can be reduced by 60% compared with the original battery panel, so the deformation risk can also be reduced. It is said that this can inhibit the generation of micro cracks

due to the frameless structure, the battery provides the greatest flexibility for many research projects. There is no height difference between the corners of the board, so the dust and stains attached and accumulated on the lower side of the battery board are very few. Moreover, because there is no metal frame, and there is no need to conduct the ground wire to the ground, it can also shorten the construction period

with regard to double-sided glass battery panels, Solarworld, a German battery panel manufacturer, launched products with high durability as the selling point, which have been sold in Japan. In addition, the "double-sided light receiving solar panels" that can also generate power on the back put into production by some manufacturers originally have double-sided glass type, so the launch of "tsm-pdg5" is expected to get a better evaluation as a technology that can give play to the permeability of the back

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