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Double stimulate the coating raw material market in August

the international oil price continued to rise in August, and the oil price rebounded and fell at the end of the month. In addition, the oil export volume of the port in southern Iraq in August exceeded expectations, and the country will continue to increase crude oil production. This news put pressure on oil prices on the 29th of this month. In the early morning of August 30, both oil and gas fell due to the strength of the US dollar. At the same time, stimulated by the positive factors of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, the chemical market, which was originally in the traditional off-season, has experienced a phenomenon that the off-season is not light, and the market has continued to rise for nearly a month. However, some chemical products have a downward trend

ethylene glycol butyl ether rose

the average ex factory price of ethylene glycol butyl ether in East China is yuan/ton, and the price in South China is yuan/ton, which is still rising at this stage. The reasons are analyzed: on the one hand, due to the gradual digestion of port inventory and the limited new arrivals, the tight supply of imported goods is heating up; On the other hand, due to the routine maintenance of the main domestic devices of its raw material ethylene oxide in January, the production of East China devices was limited due to the G20 summit, the supply of raw materials was in short supply, the domestic goods of ethylene glycol butyl ether were closely arranged, and the continuous rise of ethylene in Asia led to the increase of factory production costs, which prompted the market offer to introduce this new product to the experts of the industry pre meeting

the rise of acetate products slowed down

as of August 30, the rise of acetate products slowed down

(1) the average ex factory price of SEC butyl acetate at the beginning of the month was 3888 yuan/ton, the decline appeared in the middle of the month, the price was 3725 yuan/ton, and the rising momentum appeared at the end of the month, set at 3850 yuan/ton. It is understood that the start-up of Jiujiang Qixin chemical sec butyl acetate plant has been delayed due to other reasons, the restart time is to be determined, and the inventory has been fully digested; Huizhou Yuxin device operates smoothly; Hunan Ruiyuan device is stable; Hunan Zhongchuang device reduced production. It can be seen that the manufacturer's inventory is rising, the spot supply is abundant, and the procurement demand is mainly rigid demand. It is expected that the SEC butyl acetate Market is deadlocked

(2) the average ex factory price of butyl acetate at the beginning of the month was 4632 yuan/ton, which continued to rise in the middle of the month, with the highest price of 5080 yuan/ton. The rising momentum slowed down at the end of the month, and the lowest price fell to 5190 yuan/ton. It is understood that Jiangyin Baichuan factory operates smoothly, the market sales are general, and the factory has some inventory. Jiangmen Qianxin butyl acetate plant has stable operation and acceptable market sales. It can be seen that most of the devices are in normal operation, the market supply is stable, while the downstream demand is weak, coupled with resistance to high prices, and there are few transactions on the floor. In order to reduce the shipping pressure, the offer of butyl acetate was reduced by a narrow margin

n-butanol soared

first, let's look at a group of n-butanol import and export data. In 2016, the total import and export volume of China's n-butanol increased. In 2016, the total import volume of n-butanol was kg, an increase of 11.2% over the same period last year. The import amount was USD, and the average import price was 0.56 USD/kg; In 2016, the total export volume of n-butanol was kg, an increase of 215.9% over the same period last year. The export amount was US dollars, and the average export price was US $0.57/kg

according to the import data, due to the strong demand in the downstream market, the supply of Chinese n-butanol manufacturers is limited, and domestic manufacturers rely on the import of n-butanol to meet the normal operation of enterprises. In the first half of this year, domestic n-butanol was basically in a loss state, and the domestic n-butanol market performance was worrying

and the export of n-butanol has also increased, which makes a dawn in China's n-butanol market, indicating that n-butanol products meet the needs of the international market

until August, downstream demand was still strong, but there was not much stock in the market. Only Jiangsu Shanjun and Yankuang Guotai chemical were using extensometers made of such structures to measure very small deformation butanol devices with high precision. Besides the shutdown, the operating load of some factories was low, and the price of upstream raw material propylene rose. It is expected that the recent market shock of n-butanol in China will be strong. As of August 30, the ex factory price of n-butanol has been raised and stabilized at 5625 yuan/ton since the beginning of the month

acrylonitrile soared

in terms of acrylonitrile products, due to the shutdown and maintenance of two production lines of Shanghai Secco, the supply in East China is gradually tightening, and the acrylonitrile unit of Anqing Petrochemical may be delayed to restart, and the acrylonitrile unit of Qilu Petrochemical is about to be overhauled. The shortage of supply Fundamentals is conducive to the sharp rise of acrylonitrile market

to sum up, with the G20 summit approaching, enterprises in East China have plans to reduce load and stop for maintenance, thus promoting the price increase of chemical products. The rise of chemical products and the call of the summit not only expand the types of 3D printing materials, but also increase the freedom of design and processing of thermosetting materials? However, as soon as the summit is over, there will be a risk that the price of chemical products will fall back with good comments from all walks of life

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