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The demand for double-sided components continues to ferment

after the paving of the past two years, component technologies such as double-sided, half sheet, multiple main grids, and laminated tiles have obviously moved towards a better and mature stage this year. At present, half piece assembly is a relatively mature technical route in terms of equipment, yield and actual output of all technologies. It has seen a continuous increase in output since 2018

from the end of 2018 to this year, most of the new technology expansion or upgrading of components are in the form of half piece with multiple main grids, which is less than the capacity expansion of pure multiple main grids. Although the yield of half piece with multiple main grids still has room for improvement, and the actual output is slightly low at present, we have seen that more and more manufacturers develop with half piece technology with 9bb, and the capacity is expected to increase significantly by more than 13GW this year, However, the actual output may not become obvious until late this year. Although the shingle technology is the development trend in the future, the actual performance of mass production in recent years is less, and the market is still dominated by the output of SunPower/Dongfang Huansheng. At present, not only does the technical maturity need time to ferment, but the long-term reliability also needs time to verify, and the patent problem is still a doubt that can not be ignored. It is expected that there will be about GW capacity expansion in the shingle this year, but the actual output is limited

the output of double-sided components mainly depends on the need for double-sided battery chips. At the component end, only a slight adjustment needs to be made to the existing double glass component capacity. The component capacity is fully sufficient to meet the double-sided demand in the market, and there is no need to expand the component capacity. In addition, the double-sided technology is compatible with the above-mentioned technologies such as half panel, multi main grid and laminated tile, which can complement and have no conflict with the development of current mainstream new technologies. However, in the past, it was difficult to promote due to problems such as the non unification of power generation standards on the back and the low performance of market projects. Fortunately, driven by the demand for a large number of double-sided power generation components planned by China's leaders in 2018, Chinese manufacturers have accumulated more experience in the characteristics and output of double-sided power generation components, making 2018 the first year of the development of double-sided power generation components. The large number of applications of the leaders also changed the trend that the double-sided components were mostly n-type components in the past, and promoted the large-scale promotion of the double-sided application of p-type perc technology

make it show the advantage of non brittle failure double-sided module

because the direct solar radiation and scattered light will be reflected after reaching the ground, some will be reflected to the back of the module, so that the double-sided module can increase the power generation efficiency of the back under the same installation area, and bring better benefits to the photovoltaic power station

the double-sided components installed in the snow scene can help the components melt snow by relying on the power generation on the back in the snowy climate environment, so that in the past, the double-sided components were mainly used in the snow, or in special scenes such as agricultural greenhouses and building integration (BIPV) because of their transparent appearance

in addition, the packaging of double-sided components is also divided into various forms, mainly including: double glass + frameless structure, double glass + frame structure, transparent backplane + frame form, etc. In addition to the installation advantages of the above special scenes, the mainstream double-sided glass structure also has the advantages of long life cycle, low attenuation rate, weather resistance, high fire rating, good heat dissipation, good insulation, easy cleaning, higher power generation efficiency and so on

recently, the process of p-type perc battery chips has developed from single-sided to double-sided, which not only has the power generation gain of the back, but also can reduce the manufacturing cost of battery chips due to the reduction of the amount of slurry on the back, which is also one of the reasons why manufacturers are more motivated to promote the expansion of the market of double-sided components

double sided component market

observing the export data of China's component customs, the export volume of double-sided components in the first half of 2018 is quite rare, almost all of them are small sporadic orders, and the target market is more concentrated in Europe and Japan. By the second half of 2018, the export volume had increased significantly, especially the export of single crystal perc double-sided components from Longji and Jingao to Egypt, and the export scope of China's double-sided components was more and more extensive

from the end of last year to the beginning of the year, it is not difficult to find that in addition to China's continuous demand for double-sided components, the acceptance of double-sided components in markets around the world has also increased, including the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom and so on. Recently, there have been news that large-scale photovoltaic power stations use double-sided components. The demand of double-sided components has also changed from that of Europe and Japan in the past to that of emerging markets and other parts of the world

according to the shipment last year, Jinzhou sunshine, Longji, Jingao, Tianhe and other manufacturers all produced more than 500MW double-sided components in 2018, ranking among the world's top two double-sided component manufacturers, while Jinzhou sunshine, together with Longji, Jingao, Trina Solar, Jinke, Atlas and other double-sided component shipments totaling more than 3gw, pushed up the total number of double-sided components in 2018 to 5GW. If the global PV module installation volume in 2018 reached 98.2gw, the market share of double-sided modules increased to 5%

from the supply side, perc capacity was about 66.3gw at the end of 2018. It is estimated that the global perc capacity will expand by more than 40gw again this year, pushing up the global perc capacity by more than 100gw. While perc capacity continues to expand, more and more manufacturers are adjusting to double-sided production lines. In addition, the production of n-type technologies such as hjt and TOPCON has also been slowly expanded year by year, making the supply of double-sided battery chips far higher than the demand. Even if the demand for double-sided components grows rapidly, the production capacity is still available

on the whole, although the double-sided components are still limited by the identification standard of back power generation and other related issues, the market share and the actual shipment are in the growth 1.1 step type: a step surface is specially processed on the edge of the friction surface as the initial growth stage of the measurement benchmark. The cost of some special auxiliary materials, such as transparent backplane, or Poe to increase reliability, also needs to be further optimized. However, PV InfoLink believes that the double-sided components that make them lose their actual use value will enter a rapid growth period in recent years, accounting for% of the market around. In addition, the double-sided battery adopts the single-sided packaging mode. Because the battery end can reduce the cost and the component end can increase the positive power due to reflection, after Panasonic and LG have developed this mode for many years in design and production, it is expected that many manufacturers in China will adopt this form to achieve the effect of cost reduction and efficiency improvement this year, which is also another new trend worthy of attention this year

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