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"Double festival" excessive packaging spot check "sky high price" moon cakes are hard to find

[ppzhan Abstract] When it comes to holidays, people are extremely sensitive to excessive packaging. This year, under the influence of the eight regulations and six prohibitions of the central government, the mid autumn moon cake market has greatly changed the previous luxury style. Recently, 9 departments in Taishan District jointly inspected the excessive packaging of goods in their jurisdiction

the Mid Autumn Festival and national day are coming. Moon cakes, drinks and tea in Taicheng shopping malls, supermarkets and hotels 3 Iso8644 (2) 006 "motorcycles - light alloy wheels - experimental methods" and other gift goods are beautifully displayed on the shelves. Yesterday, Taishan District Economic and Information Bureau and the energy conservation office of the district government took the lead, together with 8 departments including supervision, quality supervision, industry and commerce, jointly walked into the sales unit under the jurisdiction, and said no to the excessive packaging of goods for the next experiment

in order to investigate and supervise the excessive packaging of goods, yesterday, 9 departments jointly came to Taian Ginza mall Daizong store, Taian new era Mall (Baolong store), dongzun Ramada Hotel and other 6 enterprises to inspect the product packaging. Coming to the two large supermarkets, Zhou Ying, director of the energy conservation office, introduced to the staff of the mall how to identify several layers of moon cake packaging. According to the regulations, commodities such as festival commodities, drinks, alcohol, cosmetics, tea, tonics, health care products, etc., which are packed in more than three layers, have a packaging void ratio of more than 55%, the packaging cost exceeds 15% of the commodity value, the packaging materials contain harmful substances that pollute the commodities, the valuables are tied in the packaging, and the packaging materials are difficult to recycle, should be comprehensively standardized and treated. The cost of lithium cobalt oxide battery and 3-yuan material battery directly increased due to the removal of the package. The first layer of the moon cake is not counted, and the rest is counted as packaging. More than three layers are over packaging. Zhou Ying said. Most of the moon cakes in supermarkets are not packed more than three layers, and the price ranges from 40 to 50 yuan to more than 200 yuan. Moon cakes with sky high prices are hard to find. Ramada Hotel East Zun has not launched moon cakes for sale this year

after inspection and supervision in recent years, the phenomenon of excessive packaging of moon cakes, drinks and other commodities in Taishan District is decreasing day by day, and many enterprises have also signed voluntary agreements to curb excessive packaging, which has better fulfilled the contents of the agreement. Zhou Ying said

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