The hottest double shaft drive source cover track

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Double axis drive source envelope track device


double axis drive source envelope track device is composed of an array of transmission shaft pairs distributed in parallel between the two side walls. Each in "Let's play with the future transmission shaft pair, including the first transmission shaft and the second transmission shaft. There is a driving source acting on the first transmission shaft to make it move. The cover is transmitted through the gap between the transmission shafts. There is a driving source acting on the second transmission shaft at the same time, so that the second transmission shaft rotates synchronously with the first transmission shaft in the opposite direction. This double axis driving source cover track device can make the upper and lower surfaces of the transmitted cover Equal friction force and the same pushing speed make the transmission of the cover more smooth. At the same time, it reduces the polishing and polishing of the cover paper quality samples, and can clearly indicate the required actions and data results. The results are the requirements of two very important processes, and the scrap rate is low

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