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Double Star Tire won the highest award of 2017 China brand Festival "Huapu Award"

Double Star Tire won the highest award of 2017 China brand Festival "Huapu Award"

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on August 8, 2017, the 11th China brand Festival jointly hosted by the brand alliance and China Convention and Exhibition economic research association was grandly held in Shunyi, Beijing. With its contribution to the industry and its leading role in national brands, Shuangxing tire, the "leader of Chinese tire intelligent manufacturing", won the most valuable "Huapu Award" and became the only enterprise in the tire industry to win this honor. Together with Huawei, Haier, Geely, etc., Shuangxing has also become the top 25 model brands that can best represent China's brand image in 2017

"Huapu", which means Chinese facial makeup. The award will be awarded to outstanding representatives of independent innovation and independent brands in the forest of Chinese enterprises. Since its establishment, "Huapu Award" has become an important symbol of China brand Festival. The "Huapu Award" is selected once a year, which represents China's independent brand. It is a noble honor to comply with the relatively large pull construction

the theme of this brand Festival is "creating momentum and making progress", which is not only the practical requirement of China's economic structural transformation, but also an important way to drive the economy to a longer-term, higher level and better quality development. During this period, Li Zhen, deputy general manager of Shuangxing group, shared the practice and experience of Shuangxing in "building tire world famous brand with intelligence"

although China has become the largest tire manufacturer and manufacturing center in the world ten years ago, it has not yet had a real world brand, let alone the right to speak. Therefore, who can seize the opportunity of the fourth industrial revolution and accelerate the intelligent transformation, who can create the world famous brand of Chinese tires. For this reason, Shuangxing has implemented the strategic policy of "simplifying the intelligent realization mode, achieving the perfection of products with intelligence, and achieving a very short distance from users with intelligence"

in recent years, under the guidance of this strategic policy, Shuangxing has taken advantage of the opportunities of Internet +, made in China 2025 and the reform of state-owned enterprises to accelerate the transformation of old and new drivers, accelerate the transformation of enterprise intelligence, and take the lead in creating the three management samples of "demand differentiation, organization platform and internal marketization" in the industry, with an area of 25mm × 25mm × 2 = 1250mm2 mode. Take the lead in establishing the first full process commercial and passenger tire industry 4.0 intelligent chemical plant in the global tire industry, which has increased the labor efficiency by three times and reduced the defect rate by more than 80%. The brand value and influence of Double Star Tire have been continuously improved, and it has won the first place in China's tires of "top 500 Asian brands" for two consecutive years. At the same time, due to innovation and intelligent transformation, Shuangxing was rated as the national pilot demonstration enterprise of "green tire intelligent manufacturing", "quality benchmark", "brand cultivation" and "technological innovation" by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2016. It is the only enterprise in China that has won all four national awards in the past five years

it is reported that the "China brand Festival" is the first national brand event with the highest specification and the largest scale in China for the purpose of promoting the development of Chinese brands and the best comprehensive platform for publicity and display of Chinese independent brands, which has been highly praised by all sectors of the society in addition to seeking better hand feel and texture

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