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Jinyinhai precious metal Co., Ltd.: stir up industrial robots

according to Jinyinhai precious metal Co., Ltd., the robot industry is gradually developing, and the pattern of domestic industrial robots is also forming. Domestic brands such as xinshida robot, Xinsong robot and esston gradually occupy a fixed market share

the output of domestic industrial robots reached 147700 units. Recently, the National Bureau of statistics released 2018 data, compared with 131000 units in 2017, an increase of 12.7% year-on-year. In fact, in recent years, the production of industrial robots in China has been increasing at a high speed. At the same time, China has also become the world's largest industrial machine, so that the production does not conflict with people's use of shopping malls

the robot industry is gradually developing, and the pattern of domestic industrial robots is also forming. Domestic brands such as xinshida robot, Xinsong robot and esston gradually occupy a fixed market share

in 2014, we were still a robot department, and we established our company alone at the end of the year. Up to now, domestic multi joint industrial robots can account for about 20% of the market share. Ding Fu, the manager of xinshida robot shopping Department, told entrepreneurial circle in an interview that the robot profession has ushered in a sudden increase in the wave of intelligent production

it is also in the wave of robots that new enterprises continue to participate, and the promotion of skill products is accelerated. It is not easy for mangbilu, the center of many robot manufacturing enterprises. After years of continuous scientific research, skill innovation and industrial integration, xinshida robot has established a key central component body project in China, focusing on robots and motion control system products, using long-distance information-based intelligent manufacturing business to complete the industrial chain layout, and has won a piece of the fierce competition

solid capital foundation

public materials show that the main operator of xinshida robot is Shanghai xinshida robot Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of xinshida, a small and medium-sized board listed company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In the 2018 annual report issued by xinshida, it said: accelerate the industrialization and market expansion of robot and motion control system products. The robot sector is committed to becoming a supplier of central products and system integration for industrial robots in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and is building an industrial robot control and drive system industrialization base

Ding Zhen told the entrepreneurial circle in the interview: from the elevator control system based on xinshida's main business foundation, industrial robots entered the elevator profession in 2014, which played an important fundamental role in the promotion and iteration of the whole series of products. Xinshida also entered the small batch production and sale of industrial robots

after becoming independent as a company at the end of 2014, the product sales of xinshida robot burst out in 2016, and the product volume nearly tripled compared with 2015, which is closely related to the guidance of the current policy. In the wave of Zhizhao Yu said that many traditional factories have carried out intelligent transformation; On the other hand, the skill accumulation of the company for several years has contributed to a blowout increase. Ding said

the accumulation of skills that can complete the sound industrial chain in a few years is closely related to the cost acquisition carried out by xinshida robot in the process of independent development. It is understood that now xinshida robot continues to promote its industrial layout through capital mergers and acquisitions, and its subsidiaries have well-known enterprises in the motion control and robot industry, such as zhongweixing, Xiaoao Xiangrong, Huitong technology, etc

why did you choose to buy off the above enterprises? Ding Zhen explained: at first, xinshida robot was mainly the accumulation of central parts. The purchase was mainly based on the skills of professional users, strengthening the users, and completing the directional guidance of skill integration through capital mergers and acquisitions

there have always been new enterprises in the robot field, as well as financing difficulties, closures and other situations. Having autonomous center skills, solid capital and stable skill teams are the key to the continuous progress of xinshida robot, while the career shake brought by the emerging small and medium-sized robot companies has not had a direct impact on us

so far, xinshida robot has grown into an enterprise with a highly complete industrial layout, and its location has been broken in many use areas, including welding, cutting, installation, loading and unloading, polishing, transfer stacking and other processes, in food and beverage, auto parts, 3C, white electricity and other occupations

with the development of various skills of robots, the cost of industrial robots is gradually declining. Traditional factories tend to use robots to improve production efficiency, and the great potential of replacing people with machines is gradually bursting out

such a career trend is also a valuable opportunity for xinshida robots. Ding zhe revealed in the interview: 2018 is a very crucial node for us. We have expanded our production capacity and built a new robot factory with a production capacity of 10000 sets in Shanghai to increase technological innovation

breaking from the inside out

according to the "2018 statement on the development of China's robot industry", China's robot shopping malls have entered a period of rapid growth, with an average annual growth rate of 29.7%. However, under the huge size of shopping malls, 70% of China's industrial robot shopping malls are foreign brands. The "statement" points out that the performance of China's own brand products and the key points of high-end use demand in the occupational category still exist. It can be seen that domestic robots are absent in the field of high-end use

in this regard, Ding Peng, who has worked in the robot industry for many years, also admitted the gap. Robot itself is a comprehensive product. It may take at least ten years or more to break the monopoly of foreign brand skills. Foreign brands have preceded the exploration of robots for 30 years. Now, I think maybe in some central parts, domestic robots have gradually opened up the situation in the use of some skills and subdivided occupations

it is understood that xinshida robot still adheres to a large amount of research and development investment. The research and development investment in the robot field has accumulated nearly 700million yuan in five years, and it also adheres to a 10% - 20% increase in investment every year, and has set up product development centers in Germany, Japan and other places

predictably, as the occupation of domestic industrial robots continues to expand, the scope of use is wider and wider, and the penetration rate is higher and higher. China has achieved active development in breaking and diversifying the use of some key skills. In the future, we will continue to improve the essence of performance products on the bottom end of robots and software functional algorithms. Ding zhe said in the interview that industrial robots are, after all, instrumental products on the production line. Ultimately, they should be combined with the use end to maximize the function of the product

now, xinshida robot is still at a loss in terms of profit performance, but in terms of revenue, it has maintained an annual growth rate of 10% - 30% for the past three years since 2016. Due to the huge investment in product development, most domestic robot companies are still in a loss situation. Now, according to statistics, the loss is also included in the plan, including fixed assets, research and development investment, pre-sales and after-sales skill services and other capital improvements. The plan is to achieve profitability in 2020, and it is expected to reach breakeven by the end of this year

Ding zhe said: in the next three years, there will be a reshuffle in the field of domestic robots. According to the current trend, there will only be home for domestic robots. First of all, we hope to become one of the pioneers in the domestic robot profession, and we hope to occupy a certain market share in some subdivided occupations such as cars, household appliances, etc. monopolized by foreign brands

now, around the innovative application of big data, IOT, artificial intelligence and other emerging skills, the robot industry, known as the Pearl on the crown of the manufacturing industry, is at the forefront of scientific and technological breakthroughs and industrial innovation, and is becoming a new driving force under the new normal of China's economy. In this regard, robots in the new era also have preparations and layout. Ding Zhen said: in terms of products and root causes, we should diversify, that is, in terms of basic skills and scene use, to shape the future and increase; In addition, for new shopping malls, we adhere to the existing advantages of industrial robots, and develop their functions and expand their use in the original products to mainstream and global products

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