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Jinyi industry: build the world's large fastener guide: Jinyi Industry Co., Ltd., founded in November 1995, is a leading enterprise in the domestic fastener industry. The company covers an area of 300000 square meters, plant area of 170000 square meters, adjacent to Shanghai. There are private inland river wharves and automated three-dimensional warehouses for storing 100000 tons of products, with all kinds of imported automated production

Established in November, 1995, Jinyi Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the domestic fastener industry. The company covers an area of 300000 square meters, plant area of 170000 square meters, adjacent to Shanghai. It has built a private inland river wharf and an automated three-dimensional warehouse for storing 100000 tons of products, and has more than 1000 sets of imported automatic production and testing equipment. It uses imported and domestic large-scale steel mills' high-quality raw materials, and uses ERP management system to produce national standards (GB), American standards (ANSI), German standards (DIN), Italian standards (UNI), Japanese standards (JIS), international standards (ISO) and other high-quality bolts, nuts, screws, precision wires The annual output of non-standard special fasteners and fastening system of passenger dedicated railway is more than 200000 tons. In 2005, the group achieved sales revenue of about 1.8 billion yuan. The quality management system has passed ISO9001 and iso/ts16949 certification, and obtained the A2LA laboratory certification of the United States and the first-class management certificate of export commodities issued by China entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The products are widely used in many domestic enterprises and national key construction projects, and are sold in the United States, Japan, Europe and other markets. It has a national fastener R & D center, which constantly provides new products quickly according to customers' expectations. The company is the largest production-oriented enterprise in the domestic fastener industry, and its scientific and technological strength and R & D strength are in the forefront of the industry. China Construction Machinery Information () according to relevant sources, the rapid development of China's economy has greatly promoted the rapid development of the fastener industry. Major national infrastructure projects - West to east gas transmission, power transformation, high-speed railway and west to East power transmission have been fully launched. In the past five years, the average growth rate of the domestic fastener industry has been more than double digits, The second reason is mainly the change of environmental humidity in which the experimental machine is located. In 2005, China's fastener output was 3.9 million tons, accounting for 1/4 of the world's total output, ranking first in the world. In 2005, Jinyi industry ranked first among production-oriented enterprises in terms of output and export earnings

Jinyi industry was listed as the second batch of railway equipment research and development bases by China Railway Engineering Construction Association and the Transportation Bureau of the Ministry of Railways in 2002. The high-strength screw spike and locknut developed by the company won the bid in the bidding for the 550 km frozen soil section with the worst climate environment of the Qinghai Tibet railway construction project, and became the only supplier. In 2006, the company participated in the bidding for the fastener system procurement project of high-speed railway passenger dedicated line, and won a total of 4 packages. The contract amount of the project is about 750million yuan. At present, 714million yuan has been signed

Jinyi industry successfully listed its shares a few days ago. It is reported that the funds raised this time will affect the test results of the loading speed of the experimental machine and the selection of the dial. The oil delivery valve on the experimental machine is used to control the speed of loading. All the investment is in the new high-strength special-shaped and automotive fasteners projects, Through a rare public science lesson for the industry media and the public together with the experts of the pre meeting, we introduced today's internationally advanced and applicable technology and key equipment, so that all kinds of fastener products can meet the requirements of high strength, high performance, high precision, high added value and non-standard profiled, and the ability to replace imports will be enhanced

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