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Jiujiang Lushan glass fiber industry has sprung up.

Jiujiang Lushan District, as the frontier of development along the river, Chengdong port area has been listed as an efficient and intensive development area of Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone after about three years of development. The nano science and technology triggered by fullerenes and carbon nanotubes are of great significance to the development of human society in the future. The glass fiber industrial base has been successfully promoted to a national high-tech industrialization base, It has achieved a breakthrough of "zero" in the city's national high-tech industrialization base

Lushan District takes industrial investment as the starting point, deeply carries out the activity of "major project improvement year", constantly improves the project service level, accelerates the cultivation of industrial leaders, and strives to achieve 10 enterprises with main business income of more than 5billion yuan, including 4 enterprises with main business income of more than 10billion yuan. The district has persistently accelerated the adjustment of industrial structure, realized the leap of industrial development from "yes or no" to "strong or not", and walked out of a modern industrial development road with distinctive industrial characteristics and prominent pillar industries. Glass fiber is the basic material of modern industry. Jinan experimental machine factory yesterday welcomed Hubei customers to visit one of our experimental machines. In order to expand and strengthen the glass fiber industry, the municipal and district governments have taken positive measures from the aspects of policy guidance, financial support and development space, and specially planned the Dongcheng glass fiber base for the development of glass fiber industry. At the same time, by guiding and helping enterprises to carry out technological transformation, increase capital and capacity, vigorously develop medium and high-grade medium alkali and alkali free high count glass fiber lines, and improve product prices; Extend the industrial chain and gradually change the downstream production of glass fiber in the area. It is a weakness to adopt the processing of force sensors and force measuring products. Taking advantage of the industrial cost advantage, introduce and build a number of glass fiber product production enterprises. At present, there are more than 40 enterprises engaged in glass fiber processing with a certain processing scale, with a total asset of 11 billion yuan and more than 15000 industrial workers

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