On November 22, the market of rosin and styrene bu

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On November 22, after the market of rosin styrene butadiene rubber stabilized, the market continued to hold steady

East China: the market held steady. In the SBR Market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the price of rosin 1502 from Jihua and Shenhua is about 17300, and that from Qilu is about 17500; Qilu oil filled rubber 1712 has a scarce inventory, and the market price has declined. Major developed countries have set off an upsurge of graphene research. Although there are few market resources, the sales pressure of styrene butadiene rubber is caused by the decline in the price of natural rubber and CIS butadiene rubber and the continued decline of raw materials

South China: the market is stable. The market price of Qilu rosin 1502 in Fujian is, and the supply of Jihua styrene butadiene rubber rosin 1502 is small, and the market quotation is not much. The quotation of a small amount of Jihua rosin 1502 is about 17500, the downstream gas buying is general, and the large-scale transactions are rare; There are not many sources of imported goods, and the lowest quotation without tickets is about 16800; The overall transaction situation is relatively stable

North China: the market trend is stable and the inventory is low. The transaction price of Jihua rosin 1502 in Tianjin is mostly about 17300, a small amount of rosin 1 is unnecessary to replace the whole machine, and the 500 quotation is higher at about 17450, the mainstream quotation of Qilu 1712 market is about 15300, and a small amount of Qilu oil filled styrene butadiene transaction is about 15400. The market is in short supply, and traders are cautious

Northeast China: the market is flat today, the manufacturer's quotation is stable, and the transaction situation in Northeast China also remains stable. The local rosin price is temporarily stable at about, and the transaction is general

market trend analysis: at present, rosin styrene butadiene resources are tight in most parts of China. Supported by it, the market is stable, and the mentality of traders is relatively calm. Most market participants expect that the market situation of rosin styrene butadiene rubber will continue to maintain basic stability in the short term. (unit: yuan/ton)

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