On November 5, the price of caprolactam remained h

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On November 5, the caprolactam price remained high and remained strong

11 released the high end intelligent remanufacture action plan (2018 (2) 020) On May 5, the caprolactam market remained strong and the price was still high. In the RMB spot market, the supply of goods is still tight, the quotation is less, about/ton, the negotiation is slightly lower, the inquiry is slightly increased, and the ability to deal with trade protectionism is enhanced, and the delivery is less. In terms of domestic manufacturers, Baling Petrochemical's unit load is more than 350 tons, and Nanjing Dongfang's unit has now increased its load to the normal level. Shijiazhuang chemical fiber overhaul will be completed recently. In terms of USD goods, the offer is less. The shipment in November and December is quoted at USD/ton l/c90 days, and some negotiations are around USD 2530/ton l/c90 days. It is reported that the turnover of caprolactam contract goods in South Korea in November was US $2520/ton l/c90 days

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